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The last thing you ever want to happen is for your industrial workplace to be disrupted by an unforeseen electrical problem. If the lights suddenly go off, the computer systems stop functioning or the heat or air conditioning temporarily ceases to operate, you want the issue fixed right away so your clients don’t waste their valuable time and resources. Gerrick Electric is the industrial facility electrician in the North Central West Virginia region with the experience you need to help correct your industrial electrical problems in a hurry.

Our Service

We are fully trained and licensed to take care of all your electrical needs which include but are not limited to:

  • Control Panels/Integrations
  • Wiring and Switches
  • Voltage Distribution
  • Troubleshooting and Repair

We Service:

Morgantown & North Central West Virginia

Why Trust Gerrick Electric?


The Gerrick Electric team prides itself on offering the best quality of services possible.


With Gerrick Electric, you can count on your project getting done on time and on budget.


Gerrick Electric brings years of industry education, expertise, and experience to the table.

Other Industries We Service

Gerrick Electric is well versed in all things electrical. Our electricians are skilled in every industry including commercial, retail, medical and more.

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